Thursday, August 26, 2010

blog dead/alive

well, this blog has been my diary/journal/junk for..
i suppose 2years? probably 3
i used to be hardworking updating about everything in life
or i used to be motivated to blog
but now i'm just lazy to

everything in life is great and amazing
but i just don't have that urge to blog about it anymore
because i seem to be moving too slow
and life seems to be moving too damn fast
when im finally done and ready to upload pictures about my past events
new ones come and i'm already busy with that

my blog is totally dead for around....almost 2months?!
i'm amazed that SOME people STILL actually reads this junk
but i'm updating wayyy less often now and probably...none
i'll see if the mood comes back again..(if ever)
since there's facebook which has almost absolutely NO privacy

till then,
be happy with life =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bon odori 2010

=D as promised im blogging about bon odori!
the crowd!!

i should have taken my mom's advice and prepared at home
because putting on my yukata and obi and hair (in the end gave up)
was harder than i thought

met quite some friends there and it was pretty good =)
we even joined in the obon dance
even though my friends who are new to this were alil reluctant at first
the routine is the same as previous years
and its really simple dance steps =)

(random picture of me dancing)

(this picture make me lol-ed)
it looks like i know that guy
but really...i was just some random stranger

i prepared us some food in my bento boxes to save ourselves from the super long and scary queue
thuogh it was almost tasteless
i was just glad everyone was okay at the end

(random lol)

o yes! my yukata =)
the purple one my okasan from japan present for me
and the obi i got

well was looking for kanzashi clips last minute few days before bon odori
and failed
(which i can now easily find TONNES on the web..WTHFML)
so i gave up setting my hair in the end. a huge waste i know

(tolanic =D there you go for you didnt get to meet me up that day)
looking forward to next year's!
wondering if i should stil wear this next year or the other one

till the next post then!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

lets go =)

bon odori is THIS WEEK people!
yes i am all HYPED because i missed bon odori last year!
now with my NEW yukata and everything i'm so ready =)

no pictures till bon odori!
(i want to put it up badly but nah! let's wait)
but oh..i fooled around with my BTSSB though =)
with rocking horse shoes from charles and keith
( money for the vivienne westwood ones)
oh socks from daddy and mommy =)
and bow from my love balqis (i knw the colours doesnt match but heck)
im just fooling around anyway =)

had awesome dinner at tony roma's
and lots of catching up with jenny love
nothing much happened except i'm on finals and sembreak is coming here SOON
can you believe how time flies?!
(ok fine its a short sem but..still)
im going to be in final year already!
for those who actually still reads my blog
BIG pat on the back for not gving up on me =D
i know how lazy i am

Saturday, June 26, 2010

less than three

ahh.yah, it takes me FOREVER to update.
so goes.

well i'm usually not THAT hyped up updating about my new clothes
but this time i am cause i did online shopping from a local brand.

pleasant surprise =)
bought awesome tees from them

even bought the guy's tee =)

'diet starts tomorrow'
now THIS has GOT to be my favourite out of all =p
while i'm at it
new shoes! =)

why am i so excited about the clothes.
i did not expect these AT ALL
the plastic bag they designed is just love

the amount i bought

and they gave me free bags too =)

the plastic covers =)
with a card too!

ok so fine i'm making a big deal out of nothing
but hey! im happy =p
(ok i SWEAR more REAL updates soon =p)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

o sh*t

this still cracks me up.
roland, if only you were 5cm shorter. (quoted)

ya, i miss you guys all of a sudden
the carefree, naive, happy days

this sucks, really, but then again,
who knew that this sem would be so F-ed up
the timetable sucks to the max, the fees are horrible,
the way the subjects were distributed was downright terrible.

i dont even want to know how dedicated my blog has been,
ranting and complaining about this college
but then again, its not like theres an option
since someone said no to ALL my other choices..
ya.ya..your friend says polar bears come from deserts in egypt you believe (Y)

(ok fine..ya.i just want to blame someone badly)
anyway..nah.i didn't really regret coming here
(though ya TOA ur management sucks and stop making design students do illustrator's works)
p.s . not that we mind but when you make us do 80% IL work, we mind..ALOT

daddy wants me to go apply for club membership..
they usually do that when they are 21.. not even 20 yet.


k..rant time is up

Saturday, June 05, 2010

leave her in the dark

rollling in the streets of KL
art gallery strolling as usual
this time with ed

more strolling around

and food and cafe and stuff like that


and enjoying every little things

there's not much to blog about
life is the same
strolling around
but something is different now
thank you for everything
happy one month b

mood swings
ah..time to turn back to coffee, music and books

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i never keep my promises..yah
but this one i did, and that's posting up my work
but seriously, facebook is taking over everything.
i dont even see the point in blogging anymore when people facebook and gets a slice of your life everysingle second.

sem started and everything's good
so about the work i did last sem
i dont have much to show but here's my photography final and typography

got some awesome contemporary dance friends to model for me
big thanks to them,
it wasnt easy at all doing all these in an abandoned house

the reshoot was horrible as it started raining heavily and the thunder did not help.

grabbed some plastics from some random shop for some last minute idea

taken with nikon D50, nikkor 50mm 1:1.8D lens
the feedback was good except the framing.
and i spent 80+ on the frames too, not including processing the pictures
but oh well, im still happy with the result
and as for typography
it was my dig-my-own-grave idea again
well we're supposed to be making posters for art exhibitions
and i came up with street graphics and did a street art exhibition.
hence the stencilling
(my first time too)
forgive the crapiness
the tiny stencil was killing me really.

playlist :
-postal service
p.s. feels like jumping on the rooftop screaming my head off and banging my head to the beat and forget about everything else.